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Here is the Process of Reassessment:

  1. You fill out our form below and we will do a FREE property reassessment evaluation.

  2. We will contact you (either by phone or email) with the reassessed value.

  3. If we feel that a reassessment is warranted, we will formally analyze your home and submit the required documents to the county for reassessment. (Fee Sheet)

  4. You will receive a packet of information with a copy of the analysis and required forms for you to sign and mail back..

  5. The County reviews your request and submits either it’s approval or an appeal.

  6. If there is an appeal, The Appraisal Company will act as your representative, argue the legality and will provide the County with proof that the appraisal is the true and correct value.

  7. County corrects value and changes your tax rate. If you have already paid your taxes for the year you will receive a refund check.



Sample Tax Savings

Assessed Value by County

$ 1,000,000
Market Value as of January 1 $ 800,000

Potential Reassessment Value Reduction
$200,000 x 1.0% = $2,000

Annual Savings following Reassessment          $ 2,000


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